05 March 2011

** POST-POETRY: A Roundtable Discussion on Contemporary Poetics **

Please join us in St. Catharines, ON for a Roundtable Discussion on Contemporary Poetics, led by Steve McCaffery (Buffalo, NY), Karen Mac Cormack (Buffalo, NY), derek beaulieu (Calgary, AB), kevin mcpherson eckhoff (Kelowna, BC), Gary Barwin (Hamilton, ON), bill bissett (Toronto/Lunaria, ON/?), and Honey Novik (Toronto, ON), and hosted by local poet and professor Gregory Betts. Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Where: The Niagara Artists’ Centre, 354 St. Paul Street
When: 10am Saturday 12 March 2011
Cost: Free, courtesy the Department of English Language and Literature, Brock University

This event follows the Friday launch of the Bird is the Word exhibit at the NAC exploring the intersection of literature and the visual arts. For more details on the exhibition please visit the NAC website:

03 March 2011

Upcoming events: reading with Pamela Porter, Terry Trowbridge, James Millhaven, and Jade Alyssa at the Niagara Falls public library on the 26th of March.

14 March 2008

Bike seasons comin', somewhere just over the horizon of the next snowstorm or so...

28 September 2007

It's closing time...

City council in Toronto controls an agency called the TPA, that is the Toronto Parking Authority, who have made moves recently to expropriate a building in the city -- the Matador -- to build parking spots -- twenty of them -- for the benefit of this American Christian company.

As usual, Cohen said it best, years ago --